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indiana home sale purchase agreement

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PURCHASE AGREEMENT (IMPROVED PROPERTY) Date: 1. BUYER: (Buyer”) agrees to buy the following property from the owner (Seller”) for the consideration and subject to the following terms, provisions,
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septic tank(es), gutters, or any other fixtures and attachments related to the property, known as in Township, , Indiana, (zip code) 3. DEPOSIT: The buyer agrees to pay the Purchase Price on the terms and upon the circumstances as stated by Seller. Buyer will be deemed to have accepted, without condition or penalty of any kind, the foregoing terms, provisions, and conditions by signing the Purchase Agreement. No action shall be pending against Buyer's account, as the Account shall be deemed current, until Buyer has paid all Purchase Price and is able to acquire the property in the manner described herein. If the Buyer exercises any rights of an adverse purchaser under the laws of any jurisdiction, including the laws of Indiana, by virtue of this sale, such rights are expressly reserved. 4. CONDITIONAL LABOR: If, prior the purchase of the Property, any employee of Buyer's employer is aware of a material defect in the Property (including if physical damage or failure to perform any necessary inspection has been certified to Buyer), Buyer agrees to pay Buyer's (and Seller's) reasonable costs, including, but not limited to, costs of repair and replacement or delivery of replacement or equivalent parts. Buyer shall be liable to Seller for any resulting injury to or loss of workman's compensation payments. 5. PURCHASE-AWARD RULES: In the event of any dispute about the title of the property or the identity of Buyer, the parties shall first attempt to negotiate with each other the matter of determining the correct owner and title of the Property. If the parties are not able to resolve any dispute regarding the title or ownership of the Property at the time of signing the Purchase Agreement, no further consideration, including, but not limited to, cash or the consideration of any kind (including any improvements, whether as a result of the purchase of the Property or of the other property, or both), will be payable except as otherwise agreed by the parties in writing. The Purchase Agreement is the entire agreement between the seller and buyer with respect to the acquisition and use of the Property, and supersedes and eliminates everything implied by statute or by any other agreement, including, but not limited to all prior proposals, offers, warranties, representations, understandings, agreements, or understandings concerning the Purchased Property as herein disclosed by Seller to Buyer or by Seller in any other communication. If any term herein is held invalid, illegal, or unenforceable,
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Due to several requests on today's video I'm going to do a tutorial on exactly how to fill out a real estate purchase and sale agreement and specifically what you need to include to make sure the contract favors you the investor now this is a video you don't want to miss because I'm also going to show you how to fill it out digitally in minutes so that you and the seller can sign it electronically making it completely paperless not to mention easy and convenient I'm also gonna share with you how to get my contracts for free all of that and more coming up I just you know are the nation's leading expert on flipping houses and if you're new here to make more money in less time flipping houses, so you can live your dream life subscribe to my channel click the bell I kind of get notified when new videos are released okay here it comes I am NOT a lawyer nor am I giving legal advice you are a big boy or big girl you are responsible for your actions so all we see competent professional legal advice before buying and selling real estate as a house flipper after you've gotten a lead, and you've crunched the numbers it's time to present a written offer to the seller now this is called a lot of different things, but the most common is a purchase and sale agreement now it's a legally binding contract that commits the seller to sell you the property and prevents the seller from selling the property to anyone else, so it's kind of a big deal and whether you're going to fix and flip the deal or a whole sell it the purchase and sale agreement is the same and in the beginning when you're new it can seem overwhelming or intimidating at least it did for me however once you understand the mechanics of the contract it's actually pretty easy which you'll see in a minute now before we dive in there are a few things you need to know right off the bat that are important to understand first real estate is governed and regulated state by state that means the contract law varies from state to state and that means the contracts themselves are going to vary from state to state now licensed real estate agents are required to use their state approved contracts and so if you are ever making an on market offer where there are real estate agents involved you don't need to worry about providing the purchase and sale contract they will do that they will even assist in filling it out, but you still need to understand what you're filling out and what you need to include which cover on this video so keep watching now if you're not licensed and if you are dealing directly with an off-market private seller and there are no agents involved than you don't have to use the state approved contract necessarily you can if you'd like in fact this Google state approved real estate purchase and sale agreement in your state, and you can probably find a free PDF version, but you could also come up with your own contract between you and the seller which I'll show you how to get my purchase and sale...
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